Pat Sajak's Linked Letters

Pat Sajak's Linked Letters

Linked Letters is a words game presented by the popular TV host Pat Hajak

Linked Letters is a words game presented by a popular TV host, Pat Sajak. It is a trivia game that tests your general knowledge on a series of questions where you play for lots of prizes, like vacations or points for your score, and more eccentric items like man-eating plants. You play through a series of ten questions in three categories based on general knowledge and popular culture, which, if answered fast, will grant you extra time to play the Bonus Round.

You may be asked 'What Hitchcock movie features a famous shower scene?', and to answer you need to pick the right letters on the grid, in the right order, and then link them together to form the correct word. You have a limited time to enter the answer, and to help you out a bit, the initial letter of the word will pop up from the board a few seconds before time is up. The amount of money or points each clue is worth is randomly selected before the question is released. If you complete a series of ten questions, you are ready to move on to the next level where lots of virtual prizes and points, as well as more challenging questions await. But before leveling up, there is a Bonus Round where you can earn thousands of points by finding as many words as you can on the letter grid. You may also feel like taking your chances in the Risk Round, betting a percentage of your total earnings.

Apart from the Career Mode described above, the game offers two extra playing modes: Road Trip, which is set in locations around the world and is unlocked after completing Career Mode levels; and Linked Letters Cup, which allows you to compete with up to three opponents.

The game setting takes a lot after the real TV quiz show, using bright, colorful graphics, 3D views of the contestants, with voices, animations, music, and lighting that sets a very vivid and dynamic mood. Additionally, before starting your game you can customize your avatar using the varied options the game offers.

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